Our Story

Dr. Feelings is a brand that was created by psychologist Dr. Elena Andrioti to inspire parents and give them tools to help their children thrive. The Dr. Feelings name was chosen to represent a Child Psychologist and to normalize the profession of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, a specialty in professional psychology that is still associated with various taboos.

Dr. Feelings was founded in 2021 with a vision to help the community of children, parents and families live happier.

Our Founder

Dr. Elena Andrioti is a UK-trained Psychologist and a mother of three boys. She has worked in the clinic practice for seven years with multicultural communities. Dr. Elena also consults for several schools in the UAE and has taught various Psychology courses at a university level. Two years ago, Dr. Elena decided to write a book for children telling the story of a young boy who visits a psychologist i.e. the “Feelings Doctor”. From this book, the concept of Dr. Feelings was born as she decided to create various tools and content to support the community of parents in the region.

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